Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mountain Weekend

I just got back from spending the weekend in the beautiful Colorado mountians.  I really can't even begin to describe how amazing the scenery was.  We were at a remote retreat center owned by InterVarsity that is used by different churches and Christian organizations. Apparently we weren't the only ones who knew that this was a great place to get away. We passed Search and Rescue/Colorado Police on our way up the mountain as they were looking for a bank robber who had fled west and was hiding in the mountian.  Stuff like that just doesn't happen in Minnesota.

The retreat was really great.  Very relaxed and spent most of our time just hanging out and exploring.  In a recent goal of mine to become more "fun" I have decided to take every opportunity presented to me.  I hiked, played hockey for the first time, went tubing, played broomball and everything else inbetween.  I also played lots of board games and had some really good conversations.

Being in this new social setting has also helped me learn a lot more about myself.  I am learning that I am not nearly as introverted as I think I am.  I have realized that meeting new people and small talk is really draining to me, but I get so much energy from real conversations.  I guess this is something I probably knew about myself before, but such a heavy contrast of both types of socializing this weekend really helped me to see that more clearly.

I am still constantly amazed at how different Focus and the people are than I expected them to be.  In fact, I would say Taylor is actually more conservative than Focus has been so far.  In addition, with sitting down and talking to the faculty and staff here, I am learning just how conservative I am! The students here are also great and fall on a pretty wide spectrum.  I love hearing where they are coming from and what their perspectives are on different issues.  Now that I have met almost everyone here, I am still trying to figure out exactly where I fit in. It is a humbling experience and has really taught me about what I desire in true friendships.

Once again, I'm sorry that none of this is ever really planned out before I sit down to write it.  Some people have also asked about pictures, I will put some up as soon as I can find that sneaky little USB cord that seems to be hiding at the bottom of my stuff. But for now I will let you live in your denial that wherever you are reading this is just as great as my balcony view of the mountains and 40 degree weather :)

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