Monday, May 30, 2011

Mudhouse Sabbath

Considering how poorly blogging went during the semester, it might be a little ambitious for me to say that I am going to blog about an entire book. But I'm going to try anyway...

During my few weeks back at Taylor before everyone left, I was talking with one of my friends about what we had been learning and our struggles with how apathetic Christians can be about truth. It was great to talk to someone who was wrestling with the same concepts. She recommended a book that I have enjoyed so much that I felt the need to share.

Mudhouse Sabbath is written by a former Orthodox Jew named Lauren Winner.  During her conversion to Christianity, she found great hope and joy in the grace and freedom that Christ has given her. However, she missed the discipline of Judaism.

This has always been a huge disappointment to see in my life and in the Christians around me.  We have found the most amazing truth there is, yet we so often fail to set aside 20 minutes everyday to spend with the Lord.  I would never want to discard the blessing of justification through faith, but if that is where our  religion stops, we are missing out on so much more.  That is why I love this book so much. She is very clear that these actions are not what save us. Only Jesus can do that. But our actions can do so much to change our thoughts and attitudes. And by living a life of discipline, we can start to live moment by moment out of reverence.

This book is split up into 11 different rituals of the Jewish faith and how we can apply those disciplines into our Christian faith.  My goal is to write a blog on each one. But considering my previous luck with blogging and the fact that I still don't have internet at my house, it might be awhile. Hopefully I can make it through and you can learn as much from the book as I have.

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